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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 26, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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to cultivate new crops in a few days. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. >> it is friday, april 25th and this is "fox and friends first". a fox news alert for you. breaking overnight, 1300 migrants stage and escape from a shelter in mexico as the trump administration ways options to send more boots to the border. we are live with the latest. >> we are calling him sleepy joe. i've known him for a while but he's a pretty sleepy guy. he will not be able to do the job. >> trump sending sleepy joe wake-up call after his announcement sets the beltway on fire. does biden stand a chance of making it back to the white house?
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>> no sleep. >> we certainly hope you went to bed early last night. losing just 16 minutes of sleep can ruin your entire day. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> losing a little sleep may ruin your day but the best way to start it right here on "fox and friends first" this friday morning. it is april 26th. thanks for starting your day with us or beginning your weekend. we begin with a fox news alert happening overnight, 1300 migrants escape an immigration
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detention center in mexico and right now hundreds are on the run is police in right gear try to take back control. griff jenkins is live with the next steps to protect the southern border. >> reporter: talk about losing sleep, this is a troubling time mexico is having trouble controlling the mother of all caravans, 1300 migrants mostly cubans escaped on foot from the largest shelter in national migration center, they were able to get 700 back with 600 remaining on the loose. it is the largest ever for a federal police, and brand-new for having to detain migrant caravans, our sources tell me more than 3000 are being held and dhs is responding to the crisis sending the pentagon in a request to send 300 to 400 troops to the border, currently
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5000 troops on the border. 2000 are national guard and what we need is the el paso sector, it is overwhelming them. >> numbers keep going up at a faster rate and we are seeing unprecedented numbers which is something new for us. they are from countries other than mexico. all these polls are taking resources from securing the border. >> the secretary seeing an increase in family units. donald trump said wall construction is on rapid pace. >> we are building many sections of wall. it is under construction and i intend to have by the end of next year 400 miles of wall. we renovated a lot of wall
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already. >> the president tweeting yesterday that he is proud of the hard work border patrol agents have been doing it is giving them a raise. we will stay tuned on top of the detention center escape. that is very fluid and we assume those migrants will head to the us-mexico border. shannon: stay on top of it for us, we know you will. thousands more migrants expected to arrive at the border any day. former ic director tom homan said the situation is dire. and he blames america's broken immigration laws. >> unprecedented number of families coming across but specifically the number of people being released. we had 1 million apprehensions in my border patrol days but 95% mexican nationals were arrested in an hour. the difference between now and
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then, these folks are exploiting our laws, ignoring judges orders and staying here illegally until the next one comes, you stay here long enough you will get something and that is what they are banking on. >> department of homeland security predicts arrests to reach the 1 million mark in fiscal 2019 unless some immediate action is taken. massachusetts judge pleads not guilty to open the twice deported illegal immigrants escape the feds. shelley joseph is accused of ordering an ice agents out of her courtroom to help josé perez escape out the back door last april. >> it is not about immigration. it is about will of law. the law must apply to all of us, even the rich and famous. today i would add it applies to the privileged and the powerful. >> lawyers call this a political witchhunt. perez was caught by ice after
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his escape was the veteran accused of plowing into a crowd of people was on his way to bible study. he will appear in court today for attempted murder after telling police the crash was intentional. witnesses watched in horror as the car sped through, eight people were injured, four victims remain hospitalized including a 13-year-old girl in critical condition. he suffers ptsd. authorities are trying to determine a motive. north korea charges the us $2 million for their chair of otto warmbier. there releasing the college student of the us envoy signed a pledge to pay for the hospital stay. the envoy apparently did sign the pledge according to the washington post but a source told fox news no money was in fact paid.
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white house says it does not comment on hostage negotiations. he died soon after his return to the states in june 2017. we will have more on this coming up. today admitted russian agent will be sentenced to federal court, pleading guilty to conspiring with russian officials to influence american activists and conservatives, prosecutors ask the judge for 18 month prison sentence. she has been in custody for nine months. she also faces deportation to russia. how about this? challenge accepted? donald trump welcoming joe biden to the 2020 white house race slamming his announcement and his campaign. now more on what donald trump said in an exclusive fox news interview. >> joe biden says he wants to restore america's standing in the want -- donald trump says he
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doesn't have what it takes to lead. >> we are calling him sleepy joe. i've known him for a while and he's a pretty sleepy guy. he will not be able to do the job. >> reporter: the president gave an interview to sean hannity where he defended his record from biden's attacks. first the former vp said he wanted to restore the moral character of the country. >> we are in a battle for the soul of this nation. if we give donald trump eight years in the white house he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. >> later on in the day at a philadelphia fundraiser he spoke about restoring economic dignity and the middle class. listen to the president's response to this. >> nobody has what we have, nobody has our military, nobody is even close. when i came in we had a depleted military, we had an economy that was going down. remember the numbers, they were terrible and going down. we were in negative numbers very soon and we have numbers that
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are incredible. the economy is setting records. >> the former vp is picking up endorsements from several current and former elected officials, those names on your screen right there but the one big endorsement he hasn't snagged yet, barack obama. biden claims he asked obama not to endorse him so he could win on his own merits. >> lots of folks talking about that. we will have a conversation about it later in the newscast. some weather information you need to know this morning. 5 people are killed including two children as violent storms rip across the south was a tornado in louisiana killing a mother and son. the government issuing a state of emergency. businesses and homes completely devastated in southwest texas and good samaritans rushing in to help a truck that flipped over in floodwaters in washington, under storms are
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expected in the mid-atlantic today and possible tornadoes in the southeast. much more on this later. hundreds of college students and staff correnti tomato measles scare, they are issuing orders after two students with highly infectious disease on campuses, some of those people were allowed to go home after proving they are vaccinated. this comes as the cdc claims cases surpass record totals of the 21st-century. history is made as the arizona cardinals make the first pick at the nfl draft. >> what the first pick in the 2019 nfl draft, the arizona cardinals elect tyler murray quarterback of oklahoma. >> kyle or mary the first athlete ever taken in the first round of the nfl and mlb draft, choosing football despite ninth
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overall to the oakland as. the draft continues with round 2 and 3 at 7:00 pm eastern. exciting night for those folks. it is 10 minutes after the top of the hour and joe biden didn't talk about the issues in his announcement video. is it because he's too right for his own party? we debate next. we know he hates donald trump but jim carrey taking a shot at the president's supporters with this tweet and this is no joke. (danny) let me get this straight.
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after a long day of hard work... have to do more work? (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. quickbooks. backing you. >> i have known joe over the years. he's not the brightest lightbulb in the group i don't think that he has a name they know. he won't be able to do the job.
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>> donald from welcome the challenge from joe biden after the former vice president and is the 2020 race but the question this morning is can biden compete in the far left field of contenders? to debate is jim kearns and antoine c wright. nice to have you here in person. what do you think? >> in the democratic primary inmates have been running the asylum from aoc to bernie sanders to congresswoman omar though some of those candidates are not in the race. this is a welcome sign for establishment of the democratic party which means an adult is at the table in this race. biden is good. he surges right to the front of the field as front runner the king at his polling. joe biden has been polling like a front-runner. >> another poll does put him at this point, incredibly early in
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the race ahead of donald trump as hypothetical matchup, joe biden versus donald trump. >> you are the prime example why we are going to win in 2020, you want to paint a picture like the democratic party is only three or four names, some voices seem to be all the media thinks of from the right but that is not true for the party. new york times laid out clearly when it shows eight people in the party and not people who want to repeat the white -- right-wing talking points, joe biden entered the race, one of very few people who can bring many parts, he is the republicans first nightmare from the president on the ballot. >> i have to push back on you. you have 20 candidates and to
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say the majority of them are not so extreme is the opposite of what we are in from a lot of talking points. including nancy pelosi. >> people running for the nomination and those who serve in congress, people in congress that you write off have progressive policy positions. you won't get pushback from the on that. >> bernie sanders -- >> absolutely, right now. bernie sanders, every poll we had to this point is all about name id, the rubber is yet to meet the road and what really matters are individual states, not national. >> biden will have the advantage, seasoned campaign staffers will help them go to the states and when these
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convention folks. let's talk name id. as pr and branding person, names on national headlines every day, aoc, congresswoman omar. in today's news cycle with social media being a big influence in presidential races, joe biden has to defend members of his party. a known socialist -- >> you want to bring up 3 or 4 names, name one policy position you advocated for that has a democratic congress, name one. >> my question is one run on that. >> if you look at the platform, most candidates ran on issues. i would pushback differently. most have not fleshed out policy positions. they flirted with general ideas to this point.
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>> president obama, helping or hurting? >> no one cares about the obama legacy they have done together more than joe biden and the work we do speaks for us. joe biden and barack obama together led to itself. he doesn't need obama to do it here. that makes him one of the best candidates to beat donald trump to win that. >> joe biden has to answer for eight years against donald from when every sector of the economy is booming, it will be -- >> thanks to joe biden and barack obama trump -- >> hillary clinton's endorsement will be key in this race, will try to appeal?
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>> as someone who did not endorse the foundation created following the death of a young woman in charlottesville, virginia. they did not endorse a candidate and were not happy he included that in his announcement. >> we have -- we switch racism under the rug until we talk about it face-to-face we will have much -- >> thank you for joining us. - my family and i did a fundraiser walk
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>> joe biden accused of using the charlottesville strategy to help his presidential run. >> that is when we heard from the president of the united states that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation. he said they were, quote, some very fine people on both sides. fine people on both sides. >> reporter: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with some of the backlash happening online. some of the people most affected by the rights in charlottesville
1:25 am
are accusing joe biden of exploiting the situation. the former mayor of charlottesville came out and said he wished biden visited this people for using it in his campaign video and the mother who was killed in arrived appeared to agree, she said most people do that sort of thing, they capitalize on whatever situation is handy. he didn't reach out to me and didn't mention her by name specifically and probably knew we don't endorse candidates. some folks are embracing biden's rollout including charlottesville city council or, haven't endorsed any presidential candidate but i will say the biden announcement brings in a new dynamic putting charlottesville at the center of his rollout, taking on trump, more than some others have done. justice democrats, that helped elect alexandria ocasio cortez said joe biden is entering charlottesville and the fight
1:26 am
against white nationalism in the 2020 campaign but where was joe biden when sympathizers were beating up on congresswoman omar and a black lives matter activist agrees saying charlottesville is not a prop. with all of that said it is clear joe biden's campaign is off to a rocky start. >> interesting way to begin with people going to charlottesville. makes you wonder what was happening behind the scenes. >> show biden's campaign promise, will try to unite the country, he has to start by uniting the party. let's talk about aoc, mistaking a fellow democrat as a republican. >> he catches heat for this twitter mishap. this photo shows politician standing next to a cardboard
1:27 am
cutout, gop let's are older male members next to cardboard cutouts of female legislators, the only problem is the man in the picture is democratic honest when john yarmouth, not a republican, a democrat. a twitter user says the first time she showed lack of basic knowledge of the government she has become part of. renée said we all make mistakes, but really? ocasio cortez has deleted that tweet but people catch on, lives on on social media. this is the problem, when you respond too quickly. >> on both sides of the aisle, you have to be careful what you speak out there. paz and think. the time is 27 after the hour. new details about the release of otto warmbier. north korea build the united states $2 million, the media slamming the president for it
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but doctor rebecca grant says slowdown. she's here live to explain why this isn't exactly what it seems.
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heather: look at top headlines starting with a fox news alert, 1300 migrants saved from immigration detention center in mexico overnight. hundreds still on the run as the white house considers plans to secure the southern border. the pentagon preparing to deploy hundreds of troops as the mother of all caravans inches closer to the us. five people are killed including two children in violent and powerful storms across the south. tornado in louisiana killing a mother and son. the governor issuing a state of emergency. businesses and homes completely devastated in southwest texas.
1:32 am
more thunderstorms and tornadoes expected today. donald trump welcoming joe biden's challenge in the white house race. >> i think we will call him sleepy joe. i've known them for a while and he won't be able to do the job. >> reporter: he held a public fundraiser and philadelphia after announcing his 2020 campaign. sri lankan police sounding the alarm that more bombers could be on the run. police are searching for 70 terrorists hiding around the country as the ringleader of the easter sunday attack died in one of the hotel bombings. they say 253 people died in the hotel and church bombings, not 359. a tragic amount. text messages between former fbi official peter struck and lisa page suggest they wanted to use postelection briefings to
1:33 am
develop potential relationships with members of the trump team. donald trump weighed in on the messages during an exclusive interview with sean hannity. >> they were going hogwild to find something about the administration. we have nothing to do with russia. these were the two, now she lost and now they are trying to infiltrate the administration. it is a coup, spying, everything you can imagine. >> republican senator chuck grassley and ron johnson calling on william barr to release more information in hopes of investigating irregularities in the russia investigation. adding insult to injury, north korea presenting the us with a $2 million bill for otto warmbier's hospital care when he was in prison. here to react, international relations expert doctor rebecca grant, thank you for joining us.
1:34 am
appreciate your time. people hearing this story this morning, what in the world is the response? what in the world were they thinking? >> otto warmbier, that story gets me over time but no one is paying this bill anytime soon, paying this bill would violate un sanctions. it came about as part of the last negotiation to get otto warmbier released and our us diplomat, i will pay the $2 million, get this guy home. >> we don't expect anything more, otto warmbier's parents sued north korea for $501 million in damages. >> that is right. the dc court awarded that set of damages. i don't think we will see north korea pay that. what is interesting about this
1:35 am
is it shows a level of childishness and inexperience and what donald trump and our diplomats have had to deal with, the sort of thing that pops up all the time with north korea. it is tragic but also foolish and reminds us how tough it is to deal with this stalinist dictatorship. >> you don't believe this is going to influence or be a part of negotiations going forward with north korea when it comes to denuclearization? >> know. it turns out i don't think donald trump knew about it at the time. he was informed later on but i don't think this will influence anything else. >> who was told about it at the time? state department? >> yes, special envoy may have cleared it from the state department or may have done it on the fly. it is interesting, this is old news. heather: let's talk about something that is not old news.
1:36 am
they wrapped up their meeting live during our show. vladimir putin meeting with heather: he says he will brief the us on the meeting. what kind of impact will russia's influence have on the trump administration's talks? >> vladimir putin loves summits like a car - he loves instagram. he likes being out there. despite that, i am going to give vladimir putin the b plus because he stayed on message and reiterated the importance of denuclearize in. russia has a part to play here, russia has to do with us at the un security council and has been pretty decent about keeping harsh sanctions on north korea. it did not hurt and might have helped a little bit. >> is this unfolded, the difference between how the last
1:37 am
summit with kim jong un ended with the photo ops and those types of things being canceled and in terms of kim and denuclearization, he says that they can a being north koreans only need guarantees about their security. it won't be possible to get by without international guarantees, unlikely any agreements between two countries will be enough. what will those guarantees be? >> there needs to be a guarantee, and a standard story, not about meeting sanctions relief. what vladimir putin did was stick to the message and basically tell kim you don't have a choice. you need to denuclearize. we need to move forward with pipeline in south korea and
1:38 am
getting other business deals with the north. >> we will see what happens, everybody getting involved. doctor rebecca grant, thank you. 20 minutes until the top of the hour. going inside the battle to take back mosley. our next guest directed this documentary and give us an unprecedented look at refugee camps, isis detainees and active combat zones up next, don't miss it. ♪ ♪ whatever it takes ♪ - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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- [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at >> jim carrey at it again attacking donald trump and his supporters. the actor turned activist posting his latest drawing on twitter that shows the president sitting in front of an american
1:42 am
and russian flag government to:lindsey graham also shown pouring kool-aid on people wearing red hat, the caption reading let's all drink a toast to the nuking of lies and the million to help them while democracy dies and our kids will be taught that the wicked are wise because potus was jack from lord of the flies. scarlett johansson calling out the democrats in a new interview with variety magazine. she says, quote, i think the democratic party is broken in a lot of ways and damaged for the past several years. she also not ruling out a run for office saying the greatest way to affect change is in local politics. at some point in the distant future i will feel that calling. what do you think of that? amid recent resurgence of the terror group isis a new
1:43 am
documentary takes us inside the battle to retake modal. jillian: joining us is the director and producer dan gabriel. thank you for joining us. this is such an important film in light of things that are happening following the attack in sri lanka and an attack in the congo. isis seeming to regain some ground it lost. tell us what is developing this documentary. >> we understand losing territory, in this case is about the ideology and the characters
1:44 am
we get, a captured isis detainee. he reminds us in chilling terms it is not about the ideology or body or place but the belief in the caliphate. heather: people of spoken about that in terms of defeating isis, you have to overcome the desire for people to join up with isis. >> the story we tell you about muzzle is a story from iraq, about iraqis and for iraqis and their success tackling that problem. heather: were recently there between october 2016, and 2017. how are they able to gain such access? >> we have different networks we work with and they were in bed with the iraqi military units on all sides. heather: the person who pledged allegiance to isis, what about
1:45 am
other people you talk about? >> great characters, great figures. there is a widow talking about the woman, the isis fighters, we heard about that in the news recently, some of the widows who want to come back to the united states from alabama. >> it does show her role in the conflict. one minute she's in the kitchen cooking chickens do and the next she's leaving a militia of fighters and there are rumors that said she would cut the heads off isis soldiers after capturing them. whether that is true i don't know. heather: one thing to see the
1:46 am
statistics and what is happening in terms of isis but to bring the stories to life for people would make all the difference. in terms of people seeing the documentary. >> it opens in la and will be available for digital download around the world. it is important with the white house correspondents dinner coming up. to tell these stories, that is what we are working on to prevent the next isis from happening. heather: people putting this together put their lives in danger. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the our. joe biden trying to put the past behind him. the call he made to anita hill before jumping in the race. why she says it wasn't enough. and in the announcement video turning heads. >> tortured a weird rationale as to why he decided to get into the race in this video. biden is trying to be something
1:47 am
other than biden. shannon: some diehard democrats are saying no joe, no. ♪ ♪ there is wisdom in how nature protects
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heather: joe biden showing regret from his political past calling anita hill before amassing his 2020 campaign accusing clarence thomas of sexual harassment during his senate confirmation hearings. joe biden, the senate judiciary chairman at the time told hill he regretted how she was treated during the hearing, hill tells the new york times i cannot be
1:51 am
satisfied by simply saying i am sorry for what happened to you. i will be satisfied when i know there is real change. anita hill's reaction turning heads about joe biden as announcement. the former vice president adding some bipartisan backlash. and long anticipated candidacy. mark stein says biden's way of changing his image as far right democrat in the far left playing field. >> is much as i enjoy hearing these people be up on a 76-year-old white man his principal rival in the democrat primaries is a 70-year-old white man. the difference between them is bernie is a romance for his supporters. biden is tired and in the awful position of being unable to run as himself because the democrats have disowned what joe biden has been doing in washington the
1:52 am
last 45 years and that is a terrible problem for guy when you have to run in a dishonest way which is why he gave this tortured a weird rationale that he decided to get into the race in this video. biden is trying to be something other than biden. heather: biden's first official event as a candidate was a fundraiser in philadelphia last night. 's next public event is monday in pittsburgh. some business headlines, amazon speeding up its deliveries even more with one day shipping. tracy carrasco with foxbusiness here with how much the company spends. >> reporter: amazon prime shipping about to get faster. and into a one day shipping gear, this was announced between
1:53 am
amazon's earnings report. they said this change will happen for the next year. you will start to see your packages arriving much sooner. amazon saying it will invest $800 million into improvements supply chain analysts and they are even more fulfillment centers that much quicker. now that other retailers have gotten on board with that today shipping they have to catch up once again to amazon. heather: where will they make up the cost? >> they are doing pretty well. heather: toys "r quote us coming back to the us for the holidays. >> this could be a possibility. through kids brand, the ones who own toys "r quote us are telling the new york post they could be opening a handful of stores in the us just in time for christmas but these stores will
1:54 am
be a lot smaller than the toys "r quote us we have known to love. they will be 10,000 ft. . the previous one, 20-50,000 ft. . you can see significant difference there, but you see them coming back. we should give more details next month. heather: popular toy will no doubt be the of ventures. shattering is a record for marvel. >> open thursday previews one day we are hearing according to, $43 million already brought in in just one night. heather: this is huge, can't wait to see it and when we see you again you will be a married lady. enjoy your time off and good luck with the wedding. it is 6 minutes until the top of
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the hour and this fall he is looking for a crack instead of crackers. the strange move that landed this parrot in police custody. ♪ what you gonna do ♪ what you gonna do when they come for you ♪
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heather: bad news for night owls when it comes to sleep. every minute really does count.
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>> is it morning? i have been up all night. heather: losing out on just 16 minutes of sleep can ruin your whole day. researchers at the university of south florida say their test subject was stressed and more likely to use -- lose focus with less rest. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. a high school senior faces a tough decision after being accepted into 115 colleges. and when it love earning $4 million in scholarships, he wents to major in elementary education. now the bad. this parrot is a jailbird. cops in brazil seizing him after he took off his owners to a drug raid. cops swarm the house, the bird shouted police.
2:00 am
officers say the parent who has not been named was trained to do just that. the ugly. this bride-to-be is furious the nfl draft is ruining her national bachelorette party. >> i am good, have to watch football sundays. when do they start planning this? i just found out about this. >> how often does this happen? >> every year. heather: she says she will not let her husband watch football next season. the if that last. that wraps of this our of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. jillian: a fox news alert. a mass migrant breakout. 1300 people escaping a detention center in mexico overnight. rob: the pentagon consider sending reinforcements to the southern border. donald trump not holding back about joe biden. >> i have known joe over the years. he is not the brightest lightbulb in the group i don't think about he has a name they


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